Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

On behalf of Novelty Petrochem FZC, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this website. Novelty Petrochem FZC is Sharjah based conglomerate operating on mid stream and down stream petroleum products and established on January 2016.

During the year, the company introduced a new system to drive performance through its people to an international standard and introduced several new processes to allow achieving the company objectives more effectively concerning Development Schedule, Cost Management and Quality Control of our installation

We believe that our company will only flourish in the future if it incorporates the major commitments of the global society that we form part of, and we are already working to bring this about. Despite the many market challenges, we dedicated more resources to improving dialogue with social agents and the experience has been very enriching. By diligent management and promotion of our services, we have also managed to consolidate a solid customer base, developing existing contracts with clients within existing services and through cross-promotions with our other services.

A service company can’t perform well without the whole-hearted engagement of its employees. We have therefore always endeavored to provide the best working environment and empowerment to deliver the best for our customers. Every business unit has consistently established the mindset of being the leading provider in the eyes of the customer, regardless of whether they serve the public or the private sector, from the largest operators to the latest start - ups, as well as small and medium enterprises.

We will, god willing, continue to do our best to better our standards in serving our clients and continue to stay true to our promise of delivering Professionalism and Quality on our business.

- Chairman

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